3 Things To Do Before Moving To A New Home Overseas


Moving overseas to a new house is a big change, and it can be hard to take care of everything that needs to be done before you leave. Before you get overwhelmed, make sure to do the following things before moving day.

Take Care of Your Health

Before leaving the country, it is a good idea to have a checkup visit with your doctor. Talk about where you are moving and how to proceed healthwise when you arrive in your new home. If you are taking any prescription medication, be sure that the doctor prescribes you enough medicine to last until you find a doctor in your new country. You may also need immunizations before you leave. If you have eyeglasses, be sure to have an extra pair on hand.

One last thing you need to do is to ensure that none of your medication, both prescription and over-the-counter, is illegal in the country you are going to. Different countries may forbid something you plan to bring. For instance, many decongestants are prohibited in Japan. Contact the embassy of the country you're going to and find out whether you can bring certain medications if they are accompanied by a note from a doctor.

Complete Paperwork

When you move overseas, you may need a new driving license, a new bank account and several other documents. Try to get a head start on that before you move, so that you can assemble any documents that they want.  

It is also imperative that you complete the right customs paperwork so that you can claim any belongings that you are shipping to your new country. If you don't know where to start, an international relocation company can help you determine which forms you have to fill out.

Scan Your Important Documents

If you should lose important documents, you may be able to produced a scanned version of them to overcome any obstacles. Therefore, before you move, it is critical that you take the time to scan each and every one of the important documents you are taking overseas with you. You may not think you have the time for it, but when you're in a new country being asked for something that you lost, you will appreciate having done it.

Moving overseas can be an exciting and challenging time. Make sure you use the information above to help make it an easier process. Work closely with a international relocating company like Hollander Storage & Moving to ensure that your life can start as comfortably as possible when you and your belongings arrive in your new country.


9 July 2015

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