3 Tips for Storing Your Boat


You enjoy your boat during the warm spring and summer months, but when winter rolls around, it might rarely get used. During this time, it is best to store the boat in a safe and secure place that keeps it protected from the freezing cold temperatures. Ice and snow can damage your boat, so it is best to store it when it won't be used. Here are tips for accomplishing that.

Take Your Boat Out One More Time

If you are going to store your boat for a few months during the winter, you should take it out on the water at least one more time. This lets you look for signs of disrepair so you can make these repairs before you store it. If you leave the damages, you could be facing more difficulty when you retrieve it from storage months later. By taking the boat out, you may notice that electronics need to be updated, the winch is sticking, or the carpets need to be replaced. It is best to get these repairs done now before storing the boat.

Clean and Empty it

After you take that final boating trip, take some time to clean out the boat. As much as possible should be emptied from the boat to lighten its load. It also helps to remove certain items that you might need while the boat is stored, but that you won't want to go to the boating storage unit to retrieve. For example, if you have kitchen cookware and utensils, you might want to remove them from the boat and run them in your home dishwasher before the next boating season.

You should remove gear like pillows, clothing, and blankets, as well as any food that is in the boat. Also remove safety equipment and fire extinguishers while the boat is being stored. Clean the boat thoroughly inside and out once you have emptied it of extra items. You don't want to come back to a rodent infestation or mold growing on your boat because you left debris or buildup on the deck.

Winterize the Boat

Winterizing your boat is also important if you intend to store it. This includes getting it ready to be inactive for a while. Pump out the holding tank and flush the head with water. Add anti-freeze to the fish well, ice maker, air conditioning pumps, and sump pump. Check different elements of the boat, such as clamps, belts, and hoses, and replace those that need replacing. Replace the oil filter and change the oil.

You can either store the boat at the marina or in a boat storage unit. These are large, ground-level units that provide climate control and adequate security until the next boating season. To find one, speak with a representative from a company like American Storage.


28 August 2015

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