4 Ways To Prepare Nervous Children For A Long Distance Move


Moving can be stressful for everyone, but preparing your children for a long distance move can take some planning. Moving to another town or state can be a worrisome event if kids aren't prepared for this. If your children are stressed about an upcoming move, there are things you can do as a parent to make this easier. Here are four ways that you can prepare children that might be nervous moving to a new home.

1. Visiting the New Location Ahead of Time

Take the mystery out of moving to a new town by getting in a visit with the entire family. This can help children imagine what their new home and surroundings will be like. Seeing both their new home and neighborhood can make this more real. If this isn't possible because of distance, make a video or take photos that you can share with your children.

2. Talk Through Your Children's Concerns

Sometimes kids might have questions and concerns about moving that are big to them, but might be easy for you to clarify. Make sure to give them a little time to sit down and run their thoughts by you. They might wonder about new schools, if the pets are coming along, or if they can stay in touch with their old friends. Be serious and make sure they feel heard even if their questions seem simple to you.

3. Bring Children into the Process

Make sure that your kids are part of the moving process to make them more invested in an upcoming move. Make sure your kids have a project they can help with, such as packing up their room or play area. When the movers come, you can explain how the long distance movers will transport everything to your new home and will meet you there to unpack.

4. Get Your Children a Housewarming Gift

A great way to get your kids invested in their new surroundings is to get them a gift for their new home. Whether this is a pet, a new TV, or something else that the family can enjoy, this can get them excited for their new home. This might feel like a bribe, but if it makes the transition easier, it might be worth it.

Moving is always hard, but moving out of your hometown can be especially tough on kids. Try your best to keep their feelings in mind to make moving less stressful. Even though you will be busy packing up and coordinating movers, make sure to give your kids a chance to get on board with moving. If you're looking for a long distance moving company, visit Men On The Move.


28 August 2015

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