Moving With Kids? Get Them Involved And Incorporate Some Fun!


Moving is tough on adults, but it is particularly tough for children as well. They are having to leave behind their school, friends, home and other familiar surroundings. However, you can help ease this transition by incorporating some fun and getting them involved in the move. Here are some great tips to help you get started:

1. Have a Garage Sale, and Let Them Help.

When you leave one house to move to another, you may need or want to get rid of some of your stuff. It is the perfect time to de-clutter and eliminate items that you don't use or it makes for a good time to get rid of items that won't fit in the new home. These items that you don't need or want any longer need to go somewhere, so why not have a garage sale? You can kill two birds with one stone – get rid of the stuff and get some extra cash! Your kids can help create the flyers, attach price tags, run the register (with help, depending on their age), and a whole lot more. You may think this sounds dull and boring, but your child will love it!

2. Create a Book of Friends' Names and Addresses.

Your kids are leaving behind some friends that they have made over the time that they have attended school while living at the old house. They may want to keep in touch with them, so you may want to consider helping them to create a contact book that holds the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. of all of their friends. This will help ensure that they have the data necessary to stay in touch if they want to following the move to the new home. For each friend, you could get a snapshot of the child to put alongside their contact information so your child never forgets their face.

3. Give Them a Job on Moving Day.

Most kids just want to be included and feel as if they are being helpful. Small children often need a babysitter since they can actually get in the way and possibly even get hurt, but older kids are more than capable of helping you come moving day. In fact, there are several different jobs that you can assign to them, including cleaning, labeling boxes, carrying light boxes to the door for an adult to pick up or even keeping an eye on the family pet.

While you can do these things to help keep your kids less stressed, don't forget about yourself. Consider hiring a moving service to help with the packing, unpacking, and moving itself. 

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28 August 2015

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