Reasons to Hire a Local Moving Company


Moving can be both stressful and exciting for many people. Here are some ways that a local moving company can help eliminate some of that stress:

  • No reciprocal favors required: When moving, many people try to save money by asking for help from people that they know. If you ask family and friends to help you move, they may initially be reluctant to help because it requires them to take time off work. They may need to find a babysitter or cancel other plans in order to come help you. As a result, should they show up to help you on your moving day, they may feel that you owe them a large favor. Even if you compensate them with gas money and lunch, they may still pester you afterwards to do something big for them. When you hire a local moving company to help, your relationship ends as soon as you pay them for their work. Unlike a friend or relative, they won't knock on your door next week and ask you for help moving a large piano for somebody else.
  • No fear of injuries: Moving large or especially heavy items can be dangerous. Not only do you need to know proper lifting techniques in order to avoid pulling a muscle, you also have to worry about accidentally dropping a heavy item on yourself during the moving process. If you or one of your helpers are the type of person who actually gets clumsier when afraid of causing an accident, your move is almost certainly going to result in at least one injury. When you hire a local moving company, you don't have to worry about anyone injuring themselves or being in pain due to overworking. The movers will have professional quality equipment to move your belongings and are trained in how to use this equipment without injury to themselves or others.
  • Lower overall cost: You may feel like you are saving money by not hiring movers, but this may be a false economy. Your amateur moving helpers may cause irreparable damage to some of your most precious and costly items. If your furniture is scratched or your favorite guitar is dropped, you may wind up spending more money to repair your items than you would have originally spent on a local moving company. Professional movers like Doug's Hourly Muscle Movers & Packers Inc will know exactly how to move your antique china cabinet correctly so that you don't have to tear your hair out with worry about it being scratched, smashed or otherwise broken.


28 August 2015

alternative uses for storage units

Storage facilities are good for more than just long-term storage for items that you just don't have space for in your home. I have used our local storage facility many times over the years for all sorts of things. When we had our hardwood floors refinished, I moved all of the furniture and things into the storage unit. When my son was getting ready to head off to college, we stored all of the things for his dorm room in the storage unit. This blog will give you several ideas about how you can make a storage unit work for you.