Four Reasons To Move Most Of Your Belongings To A Storage Unit First


If you are about to move to a new apartment, you know how packing can turn into a mess -- and how unpacking can drag on for weeks. It seems no matter what you do, those boxes end up lingering in hallways and corners for too long. But one strategy you may want to try is having the majority of your belongings placed in a storage unit by the moving company. This can be a standard storage unit that you access whenever you want, or a storage unit run by the moving company itself where the items are placed in a pod-like vault and you need an appointment to gain access. Whichever you go with, there are four good reasons to consider having the moving company place most of your stuff in storage if you want to get your unpacking done quickly.

Financial Incentive

You're going to pay monthly for that storage unit, so the financial outlay will serve as a reminder to get unpacked fast. While storage prices are generally reasonable, especially if you go with an appointment-only vault stored by the moving company, it's still another payment that you might not want to deal with after going through the expenses associated with moving.

More Space

If you're moving into a small space, extra boxes hanging out on the floor are going to make living in the place rather uncomfortable. If your schedule doesn't allow you to spend lots of time unpacking in the first week or so, that's going to make it harder to move around your apartment. If most of the items are in a storage unit, though, you can bring more boxes into your apartment when you're ready to work on them.

Better Organization

On a related note, even if you're moving into a large space and have plenty of room where those boxes can sit, placing most of the boxes in storage first lets you unpack in a more organized manner. You can place your furniture without having to move boxes, and you can ensure that everything you take out of the boxes has a place to go.

Protection Factor

One more benefit is that it is a lot easier to move a few items than many if your new apartment turns out to have some major issues. If you move in and find your neighbors are noisier than you like, for example, or there are issues with maintenance that you can't live with, moving out a small load does not take nearly as much time. Plus, if the problems involve pests, keeping most of your items in storage protects those items from infestation.

If you want to find a moving company that offers storage or have questions about delivering your belongings to a third-party storage facility, talk to the moving company you plan to use. Many companies can deliver belongings to two separate locations without increasing the cost much.

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14 March 2016

alternative uses for storage units

Storage facilities are good for more than just long-term storage for items that you just don't have space for in your home. I have used our local storage facility many times over the years for all sorts of things. When we had our hardwood floors refinished, I moved all of the furniture and things into the storage unit. When my son was getting ready to head off to college, we stored all of the things for his dorm room in the storage unit. This blog will give you several ideas about how you can make a storage unit work for you.