How To Make More Storage In Your Garage


If you tend to store all of your extra belongings, holiday decorations, sports equipment, and home improvement supplies in your garage, you might be lacking proper organization. It shouldn't take you 30 minutes just to find a tool you need, so that is usually a sign that it is time for some organization. Here are tips for finding and creating more storage in your garage.

Use the Walls to Your Benefit

Far too many people only use the floor of their garage, which causes boxes, tools, and equipment to pile up and create chaos. Remember that there are many more areas of your garage you can make use of, such as the walls. Consider how much wall space you have and the many different ways you can utilize them for storage purposes. For example, you can put up a few bookshelves that stand against the wall and let you store things like auto parts and supplies, painting and drywall supplies, and your various tools. Each bookshelf can be dedicated to one type of item you have in the garage. You can also install shelving units on the walls for things like laundry items and small bins with tools or holiday decorations in them. Hooks on the wall are great for sports equipment, such as bicycles and snowboards.

Remove Everything First

One of the easiest ways to organize your garage and increase the amount of storage inside is to remove everything and put it on your driveway. When you start removing items, put them in piles of similar items. Put all paint cans and brushes together, tools together, appliances together, and boxes of childhood toys and clothing together. This will make it easier when planning how to use storage in your garage and make sure it is organized. It can also reduce a lot of headaches of trying to move everything around and find a place for it.

Store Some Items in a Self-Storage Unit

Getting your garage organized might require moving some items to a local storage facility. There is no reason to fill up your garage with furniture or appliances you won't be using any time soon, or that you use just once or twice a year. For example, if you have an old refrigerator you have been holding onto just in case, you might want to bring it to a local heated self-storage unit. This also goes for extra holiday decorations you only use once a year, or your winter clothing. These items don't really need to to take up extra space in the garage when you rarely use them.  


16 March 2016

alternative uses for storage units

Storage facilities are good for more than just long-term storage for items that you just don't have space for in your home. I have used our local storage facility many times over the years for all sorts of things. When we had our hardwood floors refinished, I moved all of the furniture and things into the storage unit. When my son was getting ready to head off to college, we stored all of the things for his dorm room in the storage unit. This blog will give you several ideas about how you can make a storage unit work for you.