3 Tips For Moving In The Military


If your military spouse has been notified that he or she is being relocated to a different station, you need to start planning for the move as soon as possible. There are several steps you need to take to ensure that you receive the proper compensation from the military for the move. Here are some tips to help guide you in preparing to move. 

Meet with the Base PTO

The Personal Property Transportation Office, or PTO, is responsible for providing you with the documentation needed to apply for reimbursement of your moving expenses. You can also receive a travel voucher and other compensation to help pay for meals, lodging, and other moving-related from the agency. 

You need to contact the agency as soon as possible to ensure that your paperwork is completed in a timely manner. 

Schedule Movers

If you are using a moving company to transport you and your family's belongings, arrange for the service after you receive notice from the PTO that your documentation is completed.  

Obtain an estimate for the move from the moving company. You will need to provide the estimate to the PTO. If your vehicle is being transported for you, you need to provide the estimated weight of the vehicle to the PTO. 

It is important to note that summer months are usually the busiest months to move. If you are using a military contractor mover, you could run into scheduling conflicts that might impact your dates to move. It is imperative that you schedule a date as soon as possible. 

Submit Your Settlement

Once the move is completed, you need to submit a claim to the base PTO to be reimbursed for your expenses. Your moving contract, receipts, and a copy of your spouse's orders need to be submitted. 

Some moving expenses, such as dolly rental and sales tax, are usually not reimbursed. The base PTO can provide you with a listing of all expenses that are not paid. 

If any of your belongings were damaged during the move, you need to file a claim with the moving company first. In the event that you are not compensated for the damaged items, you can file a claim with the government. Whether or not the claim is paid by the government depends largely on the incident that led to the damage. 

Outside of your base PTO, the moving company can be a good source of information about making a military move.


21 March 2016

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